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Vanilla Custard (GRM)


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Gremlin Original Recipe

Vanilla Custard

This is the one that made us famous around the world. Creamy and delicious, one of the best vanilla custard recipes to be found.

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    It's my absolute #1 recommended must-have

    Posted by CXXXXP on May 19th 2021

    There is no excuse to not have a bottle of this in your stash when the worldwide postage rates are this fair. This stuff smashes the competition and blows it to smithereens. I've been vaping it solid until I ran out my first 30ml bottle. It's the best vanilla custard you'll ever get your hands on, without a doubt. And the Vanilla is the holiest of vanilla's you'll ever have the pleasure of tasting. Don't worry about Holy Vanilla anymore. Gremlin has you covered. This is the most delicious flavour ever known to man-kind and the possibilities are endless with it in the mixing world. It mixes well with other brands and flavours but I honestly love it best solo @ 6.5%. I mix at 80:20/VG:PG (3mg/ml) + 0.5% PUR Super Sweet. This is any flavour chaser's dream using a single-coil RDA and a hot little 0.16 - 0.19Ω build. It won't matter how broke you think you are, this will be worth every penny. I'm surprised it's not as widely-known, I only wish it were stocked in Australia so I could re-up without having to wait for postage times haha! I will always, always come back to this, always. It's thick, smooth, rich and creamy but not sickeningly so. It is unique, the texture I much prefer to CAP VC1 and this feels cleaner is expertly balanced with those vanilla notes. It tastes like the real thing. Not as buttery as FA Premium, it takes all the best elements of the good custards and packs it into one flavour and It smells delicious. The vanilla is in it's own league and it doesn't compare to anything else. I wish I had bought this before trying to get all the Holy vanillas. This is the Holy Grail of vanillas worldwide I do believe. Don't mean to overhype, but it excites me to no end, even after months of vaping it. You never get bored. Add it to your cart already.