Creamy Coconut (GRM)

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Gremlin Original Recipe

Creamy Coconut

This is just a simple (but delicious) Smooth and Creamy Coconut flavor.

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    Excellent stuff

    Posted by CXXXXP on May 19th 2021

    This here creamy coconut has what the other coconuts are missing. It is accurate and I don't pick up any-off notes. To me this is a very good coconut custard concentrate, with the flavour and texture both somehwre between coconut milk and coconut cream. Flavour rich, smooth and full like a cream yet delicate and well balanced. The overarching mouthfeel I get is a creamy, thick coconut custard (no vanilla notes) and there is a definite coconut cream texture layered in there but it is not overly rich or fatty in any way and feels just right. It does have a milky quality which I enjoy. I find many coconut flavours have something missing, but I am not sure how to identify it. I think this flavour fills in that missing component that I find others are lacking and it is really very well balanced in both flavour and texture. Will be useful additive for ALL coconut recipes, use as your base coconut flavour or as an accent to another main coconut. Also vapes solo at a delicious 5% Rating 4.5/5