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Banana Cream Pie (GRM)


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Gremlin Original Recipe

Banana Cream Pie

How can you resist?!? Ripe Bananas turned into a creamy filling covered in sweet whipping cream to top it off.


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    This has been a fave for a while now

    Posted by Christopher J on Aug 30th 2023

    I’ve been enjoying this “one shot” by Gremberry for a while now (many years).. Although for some reason it has no rating (what a shame, I thought). So here’s my thoughts.. it’s definitely true to its name and resembles a banana cream pie.. although there are lots of banana cream pies and I don’t like them all.. so what makes this different Well the banana in this pie reminds me of the time when I was in the Caribbean and had some very small and very sweet bananas that some guy was selling out the back of his truck on the side of the road. (I believe they came from his own yard because the bananas were still in large round hoops) Nevertheless those were the greatest bananas I’ve ever eaten in my life (and til this day I cannot find any that have been as good) So needless to say that if I’m tasting that type of beautifully ripened tiny banana sweetness in this recipe (Gremberry has nailed the banana flavor in a big way). There’s a nice light Graham cracker crust (not to spicy of a Graham cracker tho but more like a solid honey Graham flavor) The custard filling is dense and creamy and is a treat to vape at any time of the day. ..and the merengue top is perfectly done with that light egg white taste (maybe a touch of vanilla) that’s been perfectly brûlée The only one small thing I can say that could be a con is that if left in those old school acrylic tanks (certainly not any of the newer PCTG, PC, PC-1000 or PEI (Ultem) ) tanks have no problems whatsoever.. but like I said, some of that old school stuff will haze and possibly crack.. so for that reason I guess I’d have to give this a 9.5/10 Although.. go ahead and indulge yourself (cuz honestly.. I’m surprised this one has been kept a secret for so long). Thanks Gremberry Farms..